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  • All Point Consulting provided an investigation thoroughly and efficiently. With my initial contact, I was contacted immediately and the procedures to complete my request were outlined and the cost estimated. My particular request did not involve "heavy lifting," and the hours needed for the work were accurately estimated. I received the finished product in a timely fashion and was invited to contact All Point Consulting for any need for clarification or further follow-up. I am completely satisfied with this professionalism and would recommend this service. 

      Russ, Philadelphia, PA - September 2014




  • I found “All Point Consulting, LLC.” accidently while web searching for Licensed Private Investigator’s in NJ, but it was a real catch. Honorable Mr. Robbins immediately responded to my request for detecting a well-hidden person of interest for me in NJ. The person was devious in the hiding, and successful in implementing it, as the person in question had no previous American identity. Actually, the person was a former spouse and from Russia under a newly adopted name after wrongfully removing my children from Russia to the U.S.A. for four months from Russia, I could not find my beloved abducted children. To no avail, I have tried everything imaginable – the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, the Russian Police, Migration Enforcement, and attorneys. When I had completely exhausted all my options, Mr. Robbins took up my case. It was like magic, for in one week’s time he had done the impossible thing – he has found them. Mr. Robbins also acted as a liaison concerning my complaints with State and Federal authorities in the United States. For this wonder, Mr. Robbins was fair in his service charge. He documents his investigations with excellent photos and videos; he is a reliable, highly educated man with impeccable manners. Every dollar spent was worth it as “All Point Consulting” has done so much. I greatly appreciate Mr. Robbins’s work, his ethics and artisanship. I strongly recommend Mr. Robbins for any investigative endeavor. My estimation mark for him is “excellent”.

Ilya, Saratov, Russia – September 2014


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